Alla inlägg av babybaby

Jag skriver om barn, framför allt om amning och om att bära barn. Jag vill dela med mig av tips som jag själv hade velat ha innan vi fick vårt första barn.

Video: Breastfeeding cues (3 min)

BREASTFEEDING CUES. This is the English speaking version of a video in Swedish, from, on breastfeeding cues. Here’s the Swedish version: Video: Tidiga amningsssignaler (3 min).

A newborn’s breastfeeding cues

It’s good to know how a newborn baby signals that she or he wants to breastfeed. If you can catch early signals and bring your baby to the breast before he/she gets super hungry and super agitated – then breastfeeding will be easier. It’s so much easier to nurse a baby who’s not crying and screaming out of hunger. So if your desire is to breastfeed your baby, take a moment to learn the cues that are shown in this short video.

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