Norah O'Reilly

Norah, on breastfeeding in 1973

My mother-in-law Norah had her first child, my common-law husband’s older brother, the same year I was born, in 1973.

Norah and I got to know each other when our firstborn child, our daughter, was four months old. I was struggling to breastfeed her then, a struggle that felt increasingly impossible and soon ended completely.

My mother-in-law Norah and I have on several occasions talked about breastfeeding and bottle feeding and she has told me she did not nurse her children. Norah is currently visiting us in Sweden. A couple of nights ago I seized the opportunity to interview her about her bottle-feeding and breastfeeding experiences, as a part of my blog series of interviews with women about breastfeeding in past decades.

Mother-in-law Norah feeding our first child.
Mother-in-law Norah feeding our first child.

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